Situación: Randall’s Island, New York, NY
Cliente: Sportime / John McEnroe academy
Area: 6 acres (1500m2 indoor)
Proyecto: 2007-2009
Autor: Zurita Architects
Equipo: Ricardo Zurita, arquitecte; Jordi Safont-Tria, project director

Within a modest construction budget, the design strategy was to create a building that incorporates the field house and clubhouse in a 6-bay pre-engineered steel structure sheathed in blue metal panels. This malleable skin suggests a light and vibrant form. The clubhouse is contained in the eastern-most bay of the building and is rotated to relate to the entrance plaza. The fissure produced by this inflection introduces natural light to the building. The bleacher seating is conceived as a plane (for viewing) that penetrates the metal shell of the clubhouse becoming the horizontal plane of the mezzanine. In the field
house a series of dormers emerges from the metal shell allowing day light and cross-ventilation via a chimney effect.