Situation: Mataró (Barcelona)
Client: Privat
Area: 75m2
Project: 2011
Construction: 2011
Budget: 18.000€
Team: Jordi Safont-Tria

The principal aim of this refurbishment was to increase the living room and introduce the maximum natural light as possible, while enclosing the bathroom into the dwelling, since it use to be detached and its access was through the terrace.
The new living room is almost twice as big as the former and the length of the corridor has been considerably reduced. This was possible due to the slight surface diminution of one of the three bedrooms. A new central partition painted in grey graphite accompanies the user through his journey from the entrance to the living room, and is fragmented in three segments that open up the views towards the exterior terrace. While most part of the apartment is finished in neutral colors (white and greys), the spatial movement towards the light and the exterior is highlighted by the green crown of a mulberry tree. This green color is framed by two other colors of contrast: the red background of the kitchen on the one hand, and the yellow ending of the bathroom on the other.