Situation: Brooklyn, New York
Client: Forum for Urban Design
Area: 1.500m2 + 14Km de carrils
Competition: 2008
Honorable Mention
Team: Zurita Architects: Ricardo Zurita, Jordi Safont-Tria
Studio Galantini

The plan estabilishes a network of 5 interconnected bicycle pathways. Each lane creates a route that reinforces distinct existing patterns of social and recreational activities within the neighborhood. The prescribed site for the bicyle garage is too far from the subway entrance and it is disengaged from the Red Hook community, becoming an imperfect site. Our proposal initially places the garage there, with the expectation that it will kick-start the development of this large linear open space as an outdoor locus for the community. In the phase 2, the garage is moved to a smaller site adjacent to Gowanus Canal Greenway. The new site is preferred due to its potential to contribute to the generation of several key improvements to the immediate environment including a much-needed second access for ADA to the subway platform overhead. The bicycle garage itself is comprised of linked and stacked shipping containers. Containers arranged side by side become the bicycle garage while alongside it (in phase 1) or underneath it (in phase 2) another group of containers is arranged to contain compatible services -i.e.: sales repair shop, cybercafè, interpretative center, together with a new metro entrance.