Brooklyn, New York
Client: New York City Office of Emergency Management
Sup.: 2,6 Km2
Competition: 2007
Team: Zurita Architects: Ricardo Zurita, Jordi Safont-Tria

What if New York City was hit by a Category 3 hurricane? The purpose of the competition was to answer this question by envisioning Interim Housing Units to provide resettlement options in high density areas. We focused our attention to find a suited way of construction with reusable materials. In this regard, the scaffolding structure would be used to achieve a high density skeleton; its application is well known and quick to assemble. It can be placed isolated on a site or attached to any existing building. After the scaffold assemblage, factory assembled modules are inserted within. These pods have standard measures to be transported easily and are made of insulated panels, plywood and a polycarbonate face. Finally, in order to reduce the dust from the reconstruction activities into the dwellings, an air filter would be installed akin to a brise-soleil. These screens are made of metal mesh with a low voltage, generating an electrostatic field which keeps dust out from the interior.